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Hollywood … industry secrets uncovered—drugs, sex, betrayal, murder … the power elite exposed and hunted down … murder on trial 

Sexual currency, extortion, and murder—the hidden life behind the cameras in Hollywood. Josh Stein, the industry’s top entertainment lawyer, represents star power—the price for ingénues is sex. After Josh’s favorite ingénue dies on a stormy set, he replaces her in the coveted role with Kaitlin O’Keefe, a sultry gray-eyed red head beauty. On set, off set, and at locations shoots, the famous director Nick Claren vies for Kaitlin’s favors. The door open, Kaitlin mingles with Hollywood’s elite and pits man against man, as she willingly and unwillingly does what it takes to claw her way into the inner circle. After Kaitlin goes one step too far, she’s found dead on Josh’s Malibu Colony estate. A murder investigation rips apart the lives of the industry elite, and the murder trial of the century shocks the world.
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